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26 July 2023
Logistics and AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) is, nowadays, on everyone’s lips. And obviously, on logistics world too. According to the McKinsey report ‘The promise and challenge of the age of artificial intelligence’, AI can help optimize delivery routes, improve fuel consumption efficiency, and reduce delivery times. And even more: thanks to AI, logistics companies will be able to take advantage of a huge amount of data that is normally underused, automate processes and perform predictive analysis to reduce unforeseen events.
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Logistics and AI

Let’s take a closer look at what AI can mean for logistics:

-An efficient warehouse

Ai offers the ability to simplify classification and control processes within warehouses, optimizing times and costs. Thanks to the combination of management software and applied robotics, product placement and transport operations can be carried out autonomously.

-Prediction of consumers trends

Thanks to the big data and the crossing of data from different sources, system is capable of issuing deductions about the consumption intention of users and, in this way, anticipating the behavior of demand. This serves to anticipate logistics processes and prevent stock breaks or avoid storing excess merchandise.

-Greater control of information and supply chain

The automation of processes in the supply chain, improved with the presence of AI, opens the door to the maintenance of inventories in real time, the issuance of instant supply orders or the precise tracking of orders, among others.


AI allows doubts about the location of a package purchased in e-commerce to be solved efficiently and quickly. In addition, it ensures maximum reliability in deliveries and shipping times. By anticipating possible existing anomalies, it will be feasible to inform costumers of the characteristics of each shipment with the assurance that these will not differ in practice. 





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