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BLOG » How do you envision the fusion of fashion and 3D printing?
06 November 2023
How do you envision the fusion of fashion and 3D printing?
In this era where 3D printing is an undeniable protagonist, the fashion industry is undergoing transformation in all its aspects, and that includes not only the textile sector but also fashion accessories.
How do you envision the fusion of fashion and 3D printing?

The eyewear industry is transforming, allowing consumers to create unique frames tailored to their style and personal needs using 3D printers.

This milestone promises to revolutionize the way we understand the use and conventional purchase of our glasses, as it represents a new trend that redefines the optical industry, providing a new meaning to 'personalization.'

Several companies are currently leading this evolution at a rapid pace, and at 3D Incubator, we have various brands that are achieving it.


All collections are developed from scratch by the design team, which oversees the entire creation process, using natural and high-quality materials, such as Mazzucchelli's natural acetate and Barberini's mineral glass lenses.

A radically local eyewear brand, as all its products are entirely made from plastic waste from the city of Barcelona, and the entire manufacturing process takes place within the city.

Liq is water, and it is the inspiration for all their designs. They make printed sunglasses, cases, bags, and all components are treated with the utmost quality.


LÖLA stands out for being the first brand in the market that offers you a sun clip that adapts to complex prescriptions. A pioneering solution: 3D sun clips that fit lenses with extreme prescriptions without causing damage.



A startup dedicated to the design and manufacturing of sports eyewear using 3D printing technology, primarily focused on sports such as cycling and running.


3D printing continues to grow, offering a future where fashion and technology work together to create something truly special. At the intersection of these two worlds, customization is the rule, not the exception, and the companies we've detailed earlier are leading the way toward a future of unique, tailor-made, and truly revolutionary eyewear.


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