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El Consorci de Zona Franca de Barcelona Fundación LEITAT
The High Technology Business Incubator for 3D Printing
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21 November 2019
3D Incubator Press
"Within these six months, we have exceeded our target for the first year of 25 incubated projects, and with more than 10,000 pieces printed”, highlighted the manager of the 3D Incubator, Aintzane Arbide
3D Incubator awarded as a successful innovative initiative by INDUSTRY Trade Show
07 October 2019
3D Incubator Press
So far, 25 projects have been incubated and four new contracts are underway. This means that the 3D Incubator has met its target for the first year.
180 days after setting up the 3D Incubator in Barcelona: 25 projects incubated and 100,000 3D pieces printed
14 June 2019
3D Incubator Press
• 20 incubated companies in 100 days and a new bid opens for new machinery because of high demand • The current call for interested projects remains open as the goal is to incubate 100 companies in 5 years • The first European High-Tech 3D Incubator was inaugurated by the Minister Pedro Duque this past February
100 days since the launch of the 3D Incubator in Barcelona: high occupancy and 15,000 3D pieces printed
11 February 2019
It is the only incubator focused on additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) that is part of the network of European high-tech incubators promoted by the European Union. The new facilities are part of the strategic Project DFactory that is being developed in the Zona Franca Industrial Estate. The construction of a new building of 17,000 m2 will start in the following months and this will be the first phase of an Economy 4.0. hub in Barcelona.
The Minister Pedro Duque inaugurates the first European incubator of 3D printing business projects in the Zona Franca of Barelona

El Consorci de Zona Franca de Barcelona Fundación LEITAT

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Project name: High Technology Incubators to promote Innovation and Technology Transfer to Micro-SMEs by the autonomous Community of Catalonia. Resolution IAT 1809.

Name of the operation: D-Factory High Technology Incubator in advance manufacturing, additive manufacturing and 3DP.

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