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El Consorci de Zona Franca de Barcelona Fundación LEITAT
The High Technology Business Incubator for 3D Printing
“Data Courtesy of Invent Medical”
26 October 2022
El proyecto está coliderado por el Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona y Leitat, y cuenta con el respaldo económico de Fondos FEDER a través de la Fundación INCYDE de las Cámaras de Comercio de España.
La 3D Incubator alcanza las 100 empresas incubadas en tan solo 3 años y medio de funcionamiento
11 May 2022
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La 3D Incubator colabora con 3D Natives en la celebración de la primera edición en España del congreso ADDITIV Medical, el mayor encuentro híbrido nacional entre la industria 3D con el sector médico y dental.
La 3D Incubator colabora con 3D Natives en la celebración de la primera edición en España del congreso ADDITIV Medical
03 May 2022
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Cómo una asociación entre una incubadora tecnológica y una startup innovadora abre nuevas posibilidades para el sector de la purificación del aire.
Botany Labs se une a la incubadora 3D Incubator de Barcelona para la creación de prototipos avanzados
28 April 2022
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Parece un juego de palabras, pero no es lo mismo diseñar para impresión 3D que rediseñar para impresión 3D. Cuando rediseñamos, partimos de un modelo – diseño - pieza ya existente, pensado para ser materializado con otra tecnología, material y técnica productiva y lo adaptamos a un formato imprimible.
¿Qué debemos preguntarnos antes de empezar a diseñar para impresión 3D?
08 April 2022
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The project, an initiative of the Consorci de la Zona Franca of Barcelona and Leitat with the support from the Incyde Foundation of the Spanish Chambers of Commerce, has been present at this fair dedicated to automation and industrial robotics, which was held in Barcelona from March 29th to 31st. The 3D Incubator stand has received an average of 100 visits per day and has generated about 50 meetings with potential projects that could be incubated in the coming months.
3D Incubator successfully participates in Advanced Factories 2022
07 April 2022
Diseñamos y vendemos gafas fabricadas mediante impresión 3D. Liq está dirigida por Josep Mateo Muñoz, diseñador industrial y director creativo de Creax Design, estudio de diseño industrial e innovación de Terrassa (BARCELONA). Trabajamos diseñando productos diversos y también diseñando gafas para otras empresas.
Liq Eyewear – Gafas fabricadas mediante impresión 3D
09 February 2022
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Just 30 years ago, owning a mobile phone was perceived as a sign of power and economic capacity. Only a few people could afford to make and receive calls from a portable device. Today, there are already more active mobile phones than people* in the world, which gives us an idea of how naturally technology has become part of our lives.
¿A pocket printer? Only time will tell
07 October 2021
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Today, many people still think of home printers when they think of 3D printing, but the reality is that there is a great variety of manufacturing methods that offer a wide range of possibilities. In this post we will learn how additive manufacturing works and its main benefits.
Discovering 3D printing and its benefits
14 July 2021
Odisei Music launches Travel Sax 2. The special case of a product which, since its first version, has improved its features thanks to feedback from its customers and the agility of 3D printing.
25 May 2021
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The manufacture of high-volume plastic parts is commonly achieved through the process known as plastic injection moulding. This is because, in the case of simple structures of considerable size, the costs and production times are low since the costs associated with the amount of material do not have a significant impact compared to 3D printing. However, when the structural complexity of a part increases and its size decreases, plastic injection moulding is not the most suitable method for manufacture. For the production of parts with plastic injection, moulds are required; which is why, when dealing with complex parts (such as a impeller or turbine), manufacture is practically impossible unless they are produced in pieces and then assembled, given the demoulding requirements.
With an optimized design, additive manufacturing is significantly more cost-effective than plastic injection moulding.
13 May 2021
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Abilista: Spanish platform committed to digitizing and connecting companies and manufacturers for additive manufacturing, reaches an agreement with the business association AEBALL to promote innovation and collaboration among its industrial companies
01 March 2021
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The first European high-tech 3D incubator, driven by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona and Leitat, has generated more than 50 jobs since March 2019. The initiative has received more than 300 applications from start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over Europe.
3D Incubator reaches 55 incubated projects in its first two years
24 February 2021
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The company, which specialises in metal 3D printing, received the Creatic award at the Mataró Nit de l'Emprenedoria ('Night of Entrepreneurship') gala. Gau3di is one of the 43 companies which have so far been incubated at the 3D Incubator.
Gau3di is named the best business initiative in the field of technology and innovation
05 February 2021
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Pedro Duque has visited the largest 4.0 Industry hub in Southern Europe, which is scheduled to be opened this summer. The project, promoted by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona and Leitat, will generate 1,500 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs. The minister has also visited the 3D Incubator new enlarged area, which already hosts more than 50 companies.
The Minister of Science and Innovation has visited the future DFactory BCN facilities at the Zona Franca Area
15 December 2020
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A new HP Multi Jet Fusion post-processing station will also be installed to enable the Incubator to introduce a new flexible production material (TPU) into its catalogue; as well as new post-processing equipment for the dyeing, graphiting and surface treatment of 3D printed items. This expansion will take place 18 months after the opening of the 3D Incubator, which has exceeded all initial expectations and currently has 42 incubated companies.
Zona Franca de Barcelona and Leitat technology center expand the 3D Incubator by 40%
29 October 2020
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The company, founded by engineer and designer Jim Palau-Ribes, begins marketing the first 24 units of the E-Track model this autumn and plans to produce 400 more units in 2021
PURSANG Motorcycles begins manufacturing its first electric motorcycle
08 September 2020
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The 3D Incubator, the first high-tech 3D printing incubator in Europe, will participate in the first virtual 3D printing event, ADDITIV Digital. This day of conferences and online networking sessions with additive manufacturing experts will take place on 22nd September.
3D Incubator will participate in ADDITIV, the first virtual 3D printing event
10 June 2020
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13 May 2020
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The 3D Incubator team has received over 1000 messages with requests for 3D-printed parts, partnership proposals and consultations to help the healthcare sector.
3D Incubator receives more than 1000 proposals to help the healthcare sector
24 March 2020
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The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), HP and Leitat join forces to provide 3D printing to cover the needs that may arise in the fight against COVID-19.
The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, HP and Leitat offer 3D technology to help in the fight against the coronavirus
09 March 2020
The innovative snowboard brand NOW, Nidecker Group, and ADDIT·ION, the Artificial Intelligence design specialists, have unveiled the first ever 3D-printed AI snowboard binding entirely designed by Artifical Intelligence.
The world’s first snowboard binding designed by artificial intelligence
03 March 2020
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The first European high-tech 3D printing incubator celebrates its first year in operation with more than 30 incubated projects, nearing the target of hosting the 100 best business ideas based on 3D printing in five years faster than expected.
The 3D Incubator passes its first year with flying colours
03 February 2020
Article written by PhD. Sergio Morales Planas (AM & Industry 4.0 leader)
The impact of Additive Manufacturing in the spare parts industry
22 January 2020
Article written by F. Javier Malaver Managing Director of LOGIPOINT, company of TRANSCOMA GRUPO EMPRESARIAL
3D Printing: Supply chains disruption
12 December 2019
Article written by John Amin CTO of INTECH3D
3D printing revolutionises the industry
21 November 2019
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"Within these six months, we have exceeded our target for the first year of 25 incubated projects, and with more than 10,000 pieces printed”, highlighted the manager of the 3D Incubator, Aintzane Arbide
3D Incubator awarded as a successful innovative initiative by INDUSTRY Trade Show
14 November 2019
Article written by Ximena Vargas Pillado Marketing and Communications Associate of Between Technology.
Evolving 3D Printing
28 October 2019
Article written by Jaume Palou Fusté CEO and CTO of TBIOM and FCTecnics.
Reduction of the development cycle using 3D printing
07 October 2019
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So far, 25 projects have been incubated and four new contracts are underway. This means that the 3D Incubator has met its target for the first year.
180 days after setting up the 3D Incubator in Barcelona: 25 projects incubated and 100,000 3D pieces printed
14 June 2019
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• 20 incubated companies in 100 days and a new bid opens for new machinery because of high demand • The current call for interested projects remains open as the goal is to incubate 100 companies in 5 years • The first European High-Tech 3D Incubator was inaugurated by the Minister Pedro Duque this past February
100 days since the launch of the 3D Incubator in Barcelona: high occupancy and 15,000 3D pieces printed
11 February 2019
It is the only incubator focused on additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) that is part of the network of European high-tech incubators promoted by the European Union. The new facilities are part of the strategic Project DFactory that is being developed in the Zona Franca Industrial Estate. The construction of a new building of 17,000 m2 will start in the following months and this will be the first phase of an Economy 4.0. hub in Barcelona.
The Minister Pedro Duque inaugurates the first European incubator of 3D printing business projects in the Zona Franca of Barelona

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Project name: High Technology Incubators to promote Innovation and Technology Transfer to Micro-SMEs by the autonomous Community of Catalonia. Resolution IAT 1809.

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