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BLOG » The world’s first snowboard binding designed by artificial intelligence
09 March 2020
The world’s first snowboard binding designed by artificial intelligence
The innovative snowboard brand NOW, Nidecker Group, and ADDIT·ION, the Artificial Intelligence design specialists, have unveiled the first ever 3D-printed AI snowboard binding entirely designed by Artifical Intelligence.
The world’s first snowboard binding designed by artificial intelligence

To create a responsive binding, optimised for turning, we had to deliver maximum stiffness with the lowest possible mass. To make that happen, Addit-ion brought their mastery of AI design and 3D printing, Now brought their patented Skate Tech Technology & Nidecker Group brought their extended knowledge of binding Technology.

Together we built a Load Case that would emulate the stress that bindings undergo during aggressive carving and turning, then used a minimal mechanical representation of Skate Tech to generate the ultimate shape around it using Autodesk’s Generative Design. 

We had dozens of different outcomes to compare, with different materials and technologies, but after hours of simulation and data analysis, we came up with the best option, to be printed in PA12.

“This concept binding Is the starting point towards the new paradigm of sports gear, where optimization algorithms and mass customization will grant unique and tailor fit products for every specific need”, said Saulo Armas, Co-funder of ADDIT·ION.

“The result is the A.I. BINDING, the first ever snowboard binding created by an Artificial Intelligence which - thanks to it's design - is 25% lighter than current bindings.“ said Daniel Schmäh, R&D Director - Snowboard Bindings at Nidecker

Choosing 3D printing as the manufacturing method for the product wasn’t a trivial decision.

 “With powder based printing technologies, you don't need any support material, and you can print almost any desired shape. This gave the algorithm absolute freedom to think out the best outcome without any manufacturing constraints.” Said Oriol Massanes, artificial intelligence expert at ADDIT•ION. 

 3D printing also opened the door to re-design other parts of the binding, and most importantly opens the possibility of complete customization.

“To see the result of this knowledge exchange is simply incredible!” said JF Pelchat, founder of NOW bindings.

This adventure is just the beginning of a multitude of collaborative possibilities with other Nidecker Group brands in the near future.



 After more than four years of specialization in design for additive manufacturing, Ignasi Sagré and Saulo Armas started ADDIT·ION, an end to end solution for additive manufacturing. With HP’s MJF technology as their main area of expertise in the Additive manufacturing they’ve carried out all sorts of DfAM projects, ranging from product design and topology optimization to parametric automated solutions, in sectors including automotive, aerospace  consumer goods. Also, ADDIT·ION mentors companies that have decided or are willing to adopt Additive manufacturing technologies in their operations by providing them with education and consulting, helping them through the whole process.

ADDIT·ION is the first Design for Additive Manufacturing Studio capable of offering a complete, from concept to production, service.



The Nidecker Group is the home of innovative and inspirational action sports brands: Nidecker, Yes., Jones, Now, Flow. We create, operate, and accelerate industry-leading brands internationally with one goal: to inspire and enable athletes to lead the progression of their sport.

Founded in 1887 in the Swiss Alps and one hundred percent family owned, every generation has been fuelled by a passion for innovation and action sports. We began our story as master craftsmen, making wooden wheels and tables before moving on to sleds and cross-country skis. In 1912 we started manufacturing alpine skis, then water skis, monoskis and finally snowboards in 1984. Today, we are the oldest action sports company in the world and have built highly successful brands, which have played an integral role in the evolution of every industry in which we’ve been involved for over five generations.



NOW is focused on creating innovative, relevant technologies for today’s snowboarders. We are a rider-owned company, dedicated to improving snowboarding through our products and our beliefs

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