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BLOG » The smallest and lightest electronic sax in the world, created with feedback from its users
14 July 2021
The smallest and lightest electronic sax in the world, created with feedback from its users
Odisei Music launches Travel Sax 2. The special case of a product which, since its first version, has improved its features thanks to feedback from its customers and the agility of 3D printing.


Following the creation of the Travel Sax in 2019, Odisei Music launches its Travel Sax 2, an upgrade of the first version in which the community has played an essential collaborative role. From the outset, the company has made great use of its customers by placing them at the centre of its decision-making. It has established a two-way communication with them by creating an environment which empowers its community. The agility demonstrated by Odisei Music to adapt to the consumer is thanks to the numerous iterations that can be made of the product due to the 3D printing used in its manufacture. After two years carrying out various tests, they launch their new Travel Sax with really amazing technological and functional improvements.


"Created by and for saxophonists”


New features of Travel Sax 2

Like its predecessor, it is very small and light as a result of being made with the latest 3D printing technology. There are numerous new features to the product, of which these three stand out:


  1. The ergonomics and the movement of the keys have been redesigned to achieve an experience very similar to that of a real sax.
  2. Its assembly has been enhanced, making it even more robust and versatile.
  3. As a MIDI controller it is now totally independent, equipped with a mini jack for headphones and a synthesizer with more than 180 sounds. This allows you to achieve zero latency!


3D technology

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D technology creates quality functional parts with a production speed up to ten times faster than current competitive products. The architecture of this technology is capable of printing 30 million drops per second. The final finish and quality are perfect thanks to the melting process that takes place at a stable temperature throughout the entire layer of material. The Travel Sax is manufactured using the HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200. It uses polyamide powder (PA12) which is solidified with chemical agents during the manufacturing process. The Travel Sax is finished with a coloured tint.


Both beginner and professional 

Travel Sax 2 is designed for practising without disturbing anyone. That is why it is suitable for all levels of learning. From beginner saxophonists who can practise whenever they want, to professionals who need all the power of a MIDI controller with which to compose, record and practise.  The main advantage of Travel Sax is that every musician can play whenever and wherever they want to raise their learning curve.


How can you get Travel Sax 2?

The product can now be pre-ordered for only €1 here https://bit.ly/3zo3v9f. This pre-order will ensure you the best possible discount when the crowdfunding campaign is launched on the Indiegogo platform on 20th July. The pre-order is available worldwide, which is great news for the Latin American market where the product has not previously been shipped.


What problems does the Travel Sax address?

It solves the problems that all saxophonists face: noise and transportation. The saxophone is a loud instrument, so often players are forced to look for suitable places to rehearse, far from flatmates and neighbours. Its transport is particularly difficult, especially on trips, since it is large, heavy and unmanageable, and they often have to pay an extra fee to carry it.


About Odisei Music

It is a Spanish company based in Barcelona founded by Ramón Mañas (CEO). Their main goal is to spread music around the world by helping musicians develop their musical skills in a quicker and easier way.

Odisei Music has managed to be at the forefront of change by analysing new consumer trends. They are aware that we are witnessing a generation in a constant state of learning, evolution and movement where making time is a virtue. They know perfectly well that it is not easy to study a new instrument, but it is easier with a Travel Sax because you can decide when and where.

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