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BLOG » 3D printing revolutionises the industry
12 December 2019
3D printing revolutionises the industry
Article written by John Amin CTO of INTECH3D
3D printing revolutionises the industry

Today's technology provides us with a very different perspective on what conventional parts manufacturing once was, compared to today's industry with the incorporation of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing.

An industrial revolution with 3D technology

At one time, with the first printing samples of various 3D objects, everyone thought that they would be able to purchase this kind of printer and make any object they wanted or needed at home, from doll parts or decorative elements to the broken piece of a small appliance; but this is not quite the case. With 3D printers now on the market, it was companies and factories that made the most of this great opportunity to use them in their business, which has led to this wonder of technology being a revolution in industry.

So what does 3D printing mean?

This new technology which has revolutionised the world of industry in general has its origins, naturally, in 2D or paper printing. Its main difference is the materials used and the added processes that are necessary to get the final object. Therein lies its complexity. When you want to print something on paper, you simply find the file on your computer, click 'print' and the printer automatically depicts that image directly on the paper. In 3D printing, however, many other aspects must be taken into account. For example, you have to consider what material to use, depending on what you want to print, as it will not be the same for printing a decorative element as it will for a medical prosthesis or a part for a machine.

Creating objects and parts using 3D printers or 'additive manufacturing'

The industrial revolution that is taking place today in manufacturing is absolutely evident, with very high figures and percentages of companies dedicated to this sector.

For this reason, it is anticipated that, in a few years' time, it will not even be necessary to have some parts of products in stock; instead, simply by going to the manufacturer's website, you will be able to have that part manufactured instantly if you have the right 3D printer. In this way, we will reduce expenditure on stored material that is sometimes discontinued and even unusable, and whose production ends up being wasted at a rate of almost 100%.

3D printing will mean that large industries and companies can offer great solutions and innovative product improvements so that you can continue to evolve in your productive activities. Furthermore, we are contributing to the construction of a better, more efficient and more sustainable world, thanks to the new materials of the moment as well as the reduction in costs, and zero waste.

Of course, INTECH3D will be happy to help companies that want to back this new manufacturing method and incorporate 3D printing technology into their company.



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